PRN Medical Assistant

We are seeking a medical assistant or LPN for our small, neighborhood family medicine clinic in Missoula.Here’s what you should know about this role:We started Beargrass Family Medicine with the goal of providing appropriately paced, exceptionally good primary care in a welcoming environment. We might be a good fit for you if you:– want to work occasional shifts (vacation coverage, sick coverage)– desire a small, fun, low-volume private practice setting where we care for people of all ages, from babies to seniors– have 5 years of patient care experience, possibly less for the right candidate– are willing to help out with a variety of tasks – we all share in responsibilities including answering phones, taking out the trash, etc (even the docs)Routine job responsibilities would include:– greeting, checking in and rooming patients– taking vital signs– giving vaccines– phlebotomy– helping out with care coordination – contacting other clinics, relaying messages, calling patientsTraining for this position would start this coming fall.If you are interested, please email jobs@beargrassfamilymedicine.com. Include a resume and contact info.Our website: www.beargrassfamilymedicine.com