Direct Primary Care

In addition to accepting traditional insurance, we’re excited offer a direct primary care (DPC) option targeted towards entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and people who don’t get insurance through their jobs or aren’t currently working. Under this model, patients who join our DPC practice pay a monthly fee, much like joining a gym, and in exchange receive all standard primary care services at no additional charge. This allows both the patient and the doctor bypass the headaches, excessive costs and bureaucratic nightmare that is modern health insurance and give you the care you need, when and where you need it – in our office, via tele-health, phone or text.

How much does it cost?

We collect a one time registration fee of $50 per person ($75 for a couple and capped at $100 if you join as a family), followed by a monthly charge listed below. We offer a 5% discount if you pay annually. There are no contracts.

  • Younger than 26 years old – $65 per month
  • 26 or older – $75 per month
  • Couple – $140 per month
  • Children – $25 per month per child when a parent is a member, otherwise $65 per month

Is direct direct primary care a substitute for insurance?

Unfortunately, no. While routine, annual wellness visits and sick visits are covered in your monthly fee, you’ll still need to carry a high-deductible insurance for emergencies and other high-cost health care like including surgeries, hospitalizations and certain specialist visits. However the combined cost of a high-deductible plan and our DPC membership fee will be significantly lower than commercial insurance.

What does it include?

  • All doctor visits – annual checkups, sick visits, sports physicals, well child visits
  • Routine, medically-indicated labs and studies – CBC, CMP, A1c, cholesterol, thyroid function, EKG, other labs are billed to you at cost which we’ve negotiated down to 5-10x less what you’d typically pay out of pocket, we pass these savings directly on to you
  • Procedures – cryotherapy (freezing off warts, skin tags), biopsies of concerning moles (there is a separate charge for pathology), pap smears, stitches
  • Vaccines – the monthly fee covers vaccine administration, we can bill your insurance to cover the cost of the vaccine

Can I use funds from my HSA to pay for my DPC membership fee?

Unfortunately at this time due to IRS rules this is not allowed.

Do you offer services to small, local businesses?

Yes. As small business owners ourselves we are familiar with desire to provide employees with quality health care and the pain of realizing that you have to pay out so much money to insurance companies, in ever increasing amounts, for relatively poor health coverage. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we could partner with your business to offer exceptionally good primary care services to your employees at a significantly lower cost than traditional insurance while keeping more health care dollars in our local Missoula economy.


Where can I learn more?

Please give us a call at 406-510-1800 to setup a free meet and greet with one of our doctors to learn more and see if DPC is a good fit for you.